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Most frequently asked questions ( F A Q s)  pertaining to the Health  Insurance scheme for Handlooms weavers and Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojans.

Health Insurance Scheme.

1. Which diseases are covered under the scheme?
The scheme covers all pre-existing as well as new disease It also. Covers maternity benefit ( per child for the first two), dental treatment, Eye treatment and specials baby coverage. It includes Aurvedic/ Unani/Homeopathic/sidda.

2. Is there a minimum contribution to be paid by the weaver?
Yes. The weavers share under the scheme is Rs. 190.40 However the minimum Contribution to be paid by the weaver is Rs. 50/- per family even in the cases Where the State Governments contribute on behalf of the weaver.

3. Who are covered under the scheme?
All weavers and ancillary handloom workers engaged warping winding dyeing, Printing, finishing, sizing hala, making,  Jacquard cutting etc are covered under. The scheme.

4. In whose name the cards will issued?
Health cards will be issued in the name of Head of the family or spouse.

5. Whether pre-existing disease are also covered under the scheme?

6. What are excluded under the scheme?
Corrective cosmetic surgery or treatment HIV AIDS, Sterility Veneral Diseases, Interntional self-injury, use of intozicating drug or alcohol. War,riot, Strike, Terrorism acts & nuciear risks are excluded under the Scheme.

7. What is the procedure for availing cashless treatment in an Empanelled hospitals/0PD entre?

8. How will the weaver know much amount is available out of the limit/sub-limit prescribed under the scheme?

9. Is consulation and other related tests coverd under the scheme?

Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar bima yojna ( MGBBY)

10. How does the beneficiary know that  he/she is covered under The scheme?

11. What is the time limit for submission of the claim documents to the Insurance company by the nodal agency?
The State Government ( nodal Agency) is required to forward the Claim to the LIC within 15 days from the date of receipt of the Claim from the nominee.

The view/feedback are inviting from trade & industry in order to implement above mentioned both the scheme very effectively.
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