Resolution number CLS-1071/23228-C(2)(1).

Directorate of Handlooms, Powerlooms and Co-operative Textiles, Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • In persiverence of recomendation of Tidke Committee, Maharashtra Government created seperate independent "Directorate of Handlooms, Powerlooms and Co-operative Textiles" with its headquarter at Nagpur.
  • The GR for the creation of seperate Directorate was passed on 30th October 1971. with resolution number CLS-1071/23228-C(2)(1).
  • As per GR of 1971, The directorate deals with:
    •            All handlooms(Cotton, Silk and woolen) in co-operative and private sector.
    •            All powerlooms in Co-operative and private sector.
    •            Spinning mills in the co-operative sector.